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STEAM Education Promotional materials for a nonprofit

STEAM-based education is based on the well-known STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math), but with the goal of incorporating the arts. I worked on this campaign system with Vivian Ma, aiming to communicate the importance of STEAM education as a way to increase funding for STEAM programs.

Renaissance imagery

We created this campaign for the Gateway to the Arts education, which focuses on incorporating performing arts into pre-K education. While the organization is focused on pre-K, we based our concept on our audience (public/corporate), who may not be attracted by imagery related to children.

Mona Lisa
Renaissance imagery
Final bus poster design


Our concept focuses on innovation, and the idea that we need the arts to sustain innovation. We connected STEAM education to the Renaissance to say that the integration of science/technology and arts is rooted in history, to encourage a revival of Renaissance innovation through the arts.

Final mailer design


While the bus shelter poster aims to raise awareness for STEAM, the mailer provides more information and a more direct encouragement to supporting the organization.

Interactin with mailer
Interactive mailer design


Our website reinforces our message, and provides a dynamic view of our layered concept. As the user scrolls, elements shift out of the way and content slides into view, allowing the story to be sequentially revealed and consumed.

Website Screenshot 1 Website Screenshot 2 Website Screenshot 3 Website Screenshot 4 Website Screenshot 5
Website subpage screenshot
Subpages maintain the same layering concept and grid.
Website subpage screenshot 2
Long-form content can easily be accommodated.