Zhuoshi Xie is a

Design, to me, is about bridging the gap between humans and physical or digital artifacts by 1 communicating information, 2 engaging attention, and 3 facilitating action. I focus on designing holistically and delightfully, using iterative processes, careful thought, and the help of type, color, and motion.

My interests lie in designing digital systems that get out from behind glass, integrating with its environment or material as a means of encouraging users to better engage with surroundings and people.


I am a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a Design degree and a double major in Human-Computer Interaction. I currently work as a product designer at Venmo. I like to dabble in data visualization and emotive visual design & illustration, but my interests lie in expanding digital systems out of their metalic hardware and elegantly integrating them into their material or environment.

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